The start of a new season at Everton Football Club

September 2, 1889
Everton have been hard at work, bring their house in order. Every effort has been made to obtain the best materials and the services of some of the cleverest exponents of the game have been secured, though their “agents” have found the wily fish difficult to hook.

Meanwhile during the Everton meeting, there was a tussle between the two sections for supremacy but in the end, the changes of officers were not great.

Mr. Barclay was practically re-elected without opposition, and Mr. Howarth was appointed his assistant secretary, and Mr. Jackson treasurer.

Singularly, the two secretaries, before the season opened, found it necessary to resign their successors, being Messrs. R. Molyneux, and J. Williams.

Everton’s receipts were as high as £4,500, of three times those of Bootle, all of which, and a trifle more, was ungrudgingly spent in endeavouring to comfortably the best football practicable for their multitude of patrons.

Having perfected their stand accommodation as the demands increased last year, until it is now inferior to none in the country.

Everton have now been called upon to make any but minor structural alterations.

The efforts of the executive, have almost solely been directed to the delicate task of scoring really reliable players, the result of continuous negotiations being the engagement for certain of four “stats” Alex Latta (Dumbarton Athletic and Scotch International), and Alex Brady, (Renton and Burnley), will join Fred Geary, Edgar Chadwick and Charles Parry in forward work, and the attack thus promises to be a very keen one, and altogether different to the incohesive formation, so often seen last year.

Charles Parry, Everton (Leeds Mercury: April 9, 1898):

It was hoped to be made much more formidable, but it is now position that Willie Groves will not repeat his contract with Everton, since in the face of his mercenary sins, the prodigal has been welcomed back to “amateurism” by the Scottish Association with all the blind faith of a doting mother. But he is not likely to wriggle out of his contract without Everton contesting it, as we understand the case will be taken to the Edinburgh courts.

Andrew Hannah (Renton and Scottish International) has stepped into the position held by Nick Ross (that of captain and back), and will be assisted in defence by Dan Doyle (Airdrieonians and Bolton Wanderers) and Alex Dick who is mending fast, while George Dobson has transferred his services to an ambitious Southport club.

Johnny Holt, Jimmy Weir, George Farmer, and Howell – the latter, who played for Stanley having shown good points at practice – and perhaps another expert from about of Tweed, will be the half-backs and Robert Smalley again goalkeeper.

Although, the team is a vast improvement on its predecessor, and unless last year’s accidents are repeated, should have a good record to show at the conclusion of their match list severe though the tussles will be.

Under the care of their trainer (D. Waugh) all the players are improving daily, and will be found in splendid condition for their League match – the Blackburn Rovers – on Saturday next.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: September 2, 1889)

This article was found at Billy Smith’s Blue Correspondent.

Alex Latta, Everton (Lloyd’s Weekly News: October 30, 1892):


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