Local celebrities: Alex Brady, Everton F.C:

December 25, 1889
We have pleasure in presenting our readers this week with the portrait of another member of the famous Evertonians – Mr. Alex Brady, the well-known left wing forward. Brady, who first saw the light of day in Cathcart, is one of the youngest members of the team – if not the youngest – being only twenty-two years of age, and scarcely looking that.

The crown of his head is removed but five feet five inches from mother Earth, and he troubles the scale to the extent of ten stone.

Alec Brady

He very early caught the football fever, and as a youngster was never happy unless he had a ball at his toes. He received his apprenticeship to the game in connection with the Rouben Star Club, for which he played centre-half back in the first team. During the two years he was with this organisation he improved wonderfully, and gave promise of becoming a great player.

After seceding from the Star, we find him doing duty with the Rouben Thistle, in the position of left wing forward. After one season, however, the fact became patent to him that his talent were of too high a grade for a comparatively junior team, and he accepted an offer from the great Sunderland club to play on the left for them.

With his new love he was a great success, and his name began to be talked about as that of a coming man. He seldom played a match without scoring, and once, against the Scottish Corinthians, he sent he ball home five times.

The Sunderland people had the benefit of his valuable services for but one season, as Andrew Hannah, the Everton captain, got on his track, and, as a matter of course, did not relinquish the chase until our friend was safely located at Everton, and a recognised member of the team.

He has proved during the short time he has been an Evertonian, that Hannah’s faith and reliance in him were not misplaced, for his play has given great satisfaction all round. For his own part, he speaks with the voice of all his confreres, and that voice is to the effect that he has never been so comfortable with any club, nor so satisfied with any management, as he is with that of Everton.
(Source: Athletic Times: December 25, 1889)

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