Cleveland Charity Cup Final

Middlesbrough Ironopolis v Middlesbrough 0-0 (Cleveland Charity Cup Final: April 28, 1890)

April 28, 1890
Match: Cleveland Charity Cup, Final, at Linthorpe Road, kick-off: 19:00.
Middlesbrough Ironopolis – Middlesbrough 0-0 (0-0).
Attendance: 12,000.
Middlesbrough Ironopolis (2-3-5): Willie Chalmers, Tommy Anderson, James Elliott, J. Matthew, J. Collinson, W. Hopewell (C), Tommy Cronshaw, James McGregor, Wally McReddie, Charles Dickson, Tom Seymour.
Middlesbrough (2-3-5): W. Barbour, T.H. Wynn (C), J. McManus, Tom Bach, R. Stevenson, J. Walsh, F. Dennis, R. Wilson, T. Johnson, T. Petrie, John Finlayson.


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