Summer work at Anfield

Saturday, August 16 – 1890
With the vast interest now taken by the public all over the country in Association football, it is only natural in a centre like Liverpool, where flourishes one of the best managed and most successful clubs in the three kingdoms, that preparations should be made to granule with the extensive business that is looked forward to during the forthcoming season.

As soon as the “close” time commenced last May the Everton Executive, who fortunately had the handling of a large surplus of money from last season, set to work to improve their ground, one of the greatest necessities being better drainage. This has been attended to on a most elaborate and extensive scale, which, it is hoped, will have a good and permanent effects in keeping the field free from the puddles of mud experienced in past seasons, and which were a source of annoyance to everybody.

Stand accommodation have also been increased, and a great improvement to the appearance of the ground is the erection of a pretty and serviceable office for the treasurer and his officials, the principal architectural features of which are that those who have the superintending of the money-taking can have the whole of the pay-gates and their machinery under immediate control.

Altogether, the ground presents a splendid contrast to the appearance it had at the close of the past season, when it was beggared and baron. The grass is luxuriously long and thick, and if only it could be got to stand the rouge usage it will soon now be put to, and retain its vibrancy, the hearts of the committee would be made happy.

The executive of the club met on Monday night to transact some important business. A proposal was made to give the Bootle Football Club a benefit match in order that they might be able to extricate themselves out of the monetary difficulties, which beset them. The “gate” is looked upon to yield about £200, and in the position the Bootle organisation now finds itself a sum of money like this would prove a perfect windfall and blessing. Probably the match will be played on September 8, but as the Everton Club have an engagement with Chirk for that date, negotiations will have to be made to postpone the latter to a future time.

The club will play two first class teams this season. The first, known, as the League Eleven, will be captained again by A. Hannah and the committee have appointed J. Holt to be sub-captain. The second or “Everton” Eleven will be skippered by its old captain George Dobson, and he will have G. Martin as his deputy.

Mr. Molyneux, the secretary has complied a first class list of fixtures, for both teams, but with a view to getting one of the international matches played on the Everton ground, he has left three dates open, which are the only vacancies on the list.
(Liverpool Football Echo, 16-08-1890)

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