Football Alliance v English League 1-1 (April 20, 1891)

April 20, 1891
Match: Inter League, at Olive Grove (Sheffield), kick-off: 15:30.
Football Alliance – Football League 1-1 (1-1).
Attendance: 7,000.
Referee: Mr. J. Tomlinson; umpires: Messrs.: Halloway and Widdowson.
Football Alliance (2-3-5): Bob Roberts (Sunderland Albion), Tommy Clare (Stoke), John Rae (Sunderland Albion), Harry Brandon (The Wednesday), Hugh Clifford (Stoke), Peter McCracken (Sunderland Albion), Harry Davis (Birmingham St. George’s), William “Tich” Smith (Nottingham Forest), Jack Devey (Birmingham St. George’s), James Hannah (Sunderland Albion), Alf Edge (Stoke).
Football League (2-3-5): Jimmy Trainer (Preston North End), Tom Brandon (Blackburn Rovers), Nick Ross (Preston North End), David Calderhead (Notts County), George Dewar (Blackburn Rovers), Hugh Wilson (Sunderland), Charles Athersmith (Aston Villa), Tom McInnes (Notts County), John Goodall (Derby County), Edgar Chadwick (Everton), Harry Daft (Notts County).
The goals: 1-0 Davis (29 min.), 1-1 Chadwick (37 min.).
** Football League played in white shirts and black trousers; while Alliance played in red shirts and black trousers.


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