Everton F.C.: The annual meeting of 1891

May 15, 1891
The annual meeting of the club was held last night at College Hall, Shaw Street, there being a large number of members present. Mr. John Houlding was in the chair, supported by Messrs Robert Wilson, Richard Molyneux, Joseph Woodcock, William Jackson, Abraham Coates, and Joseph Williams.

The first business to be transacted was the secretary’s report, which was read by Mr. Molyneux. In this it was stated that the twelve months ago they had a balance of over £400, but this had been greatly exceeded this year. As regards the goal average this season would perhaps not compare favorably with last years, but there were certain circumstances to account for this. This season they had played with superior clubs, and as a result had brought to the club superior honours. Last year they were second to Preston North End, for the League championship, being beaten by 2 points; but this season they had improved on that, and won the championship right out (applause). The League championship was far more difficult to win than the Association Cup, for if they made one slip in the latter event they were beaten, whereas they had many chances in the other, where it was a case of the “survival of the fittest.”

The selection of four of their players for an International match was a great honour to Everton (applause).

He hoped that the next year they would win the national trophy, and they would not be content until they had both the great prizes in the football would, side by side.

The Queens Park fixture brought credit to Everton, and added greatly to the interest of the game in Liverpool. Queens Park badly wanted them to go to Scotland, but they could not see their way to accede to their request, as their dates for next season prevented this. However, they would once more have the pleasure of seeing Queens Park enter into friendly rivalry on the Everton ground.

The players engaged for next season are: David Jardine, Angus, and Robert Smalley, goal; Joe Marsden, Dan Doyle, Duncan McLean, and Arthur Chadwick. Backs, Bob Kelso (late of Preston North End), Johnny Holt, Alex Lochhead, Daniel Kirkwood, Robert Jones, Charles Parry and W.C. Campbell, half-backs, Alex Latta, Alex Brady, Fred Geary, Edgar Chadwick, Alf Milward, Thomas Wyllie, Gordon, Sammy Thomson (late of Wolverhampton Wanderers), James McMillan, Jack Elliott, Joey Murray, and Hope Robertson, forwards.

Alf Milward, Everton F.C.

The balance sheet, which has already been published, was next read. Mr. Blundell then called attention to one or two items in the list of expenses, especially one as to a bath, which had been erected for the one of the players in Mr. Houlding’s hotel, at the expense of £14.

The Chairman in reply to other inquires stated that Lochhead had been advanced £130, and Marsden £50, and after a number of members had spoken on various questions affecting the club, he said that he simply received 4 per cent of the money he had invested in the ground -£6,000. When the club first started he only got 1 per cent and looking at its flourishing condition now, he naturally expected more. It was not his duty to provide baths, etc, under the existing circumstances.

Mr. G.M. Lindsey, an old Everton player said Mr. Houlding had lost nothing by his kindness and was proceeding to show how, when he was pulled up, and ruled out of order. Another gentleman made an inconsequential speech, amid cries of Balance sheets” and “sit down,” to which he replied amidst laughter, that he was not a “jack in the box.”

The chairman next said that the committee intended to interview some of the prominent shopkeepers in church-street and Lord Street as to exhibiting the League Cup. Possibly it might be shown in Messes Elkington’s window. It was next moved by Mr. Britton and ascended by Mr. Montgomery, that the accounts be passed. This was carried unanimously. Mr. Wilson said he thought they should husband the balance they had, and proposed that £300 should be placed as a reserve fund. Mr. Houlding though that this should not take effect until the 1st September, as until that period they would be paying out. Mr. Wilson exceeded that the more money a committee had the more they would spend, but he was quite ready to accept Mr. Houlding’s suggestion. Mr. Houlding said that between £70 and £80 a week would be required for wages until September next.

A member who had several complaints to air next got up and alluding to a gentleman sitting close to, who had made a remark, said “He spoke to himself, as Paddy spoke it, but I heard it “(loud laughter). He would say no more (tremendous applause). However, he still continued and although the chairman told him that he was wasting the time of the meeting, he persisted in making various suggestions, winding up with the expression of the belief that “He might be a laughing-stock.” His final announces that “he would now sit down” was again received with great applause. Mr. Wilson said would cost £65 or £70 to keep the players going, and this would mean £1,050 until September was reached. He pressed to withdraw his proposal; but the meeting showed its disapproval of this; and the motion that the money be at once invested was carried.

Another motion that subscriptions in future paid on the 1st September was also carried. Mr. Thomas Howarth in very eloquent terms, next moved that the meeting recommend to the committee that from the funds of the club the sum of £30 be expended in the purchase of a testimonial for their treasurer, in recognition of his past services to the club. Mr. G. Martin ascended, and it was carried amidst great applause. M. Wilson in reply said he never looked for any monetary recognition of his services, and he was deeply indebted to the members for the hearty manner in which they had passed the resolution; but he hoped, before they purchased the testimonial, they would consult Mrs. Wilson (applause).

A vote of thanks to the committee followed. Mr. Pye them moved that a pavilion be built on the ground, or that one or two houses close to the ground should be rented. It was a disgrace to the club that the players should have to run the gauntlet in the manner they had in the past, and they should take precautions to prevent such scenes as occurred on the occasion of the Preston North End match. The Chairman said the committee had already had this question in hand, and it might safely be left to them. Mr. Wilson said plans were already made out, and the explanation being accepted by Mr. Pye, the motion was withdrawn.

The election of officers next came on, Mr. Houlding being again elected president. In returning thanks, he said that seven or eight years ago £1 or £1 10s was considered a good gate. It was resolved that in future a public accountant be engaged to look after the accounts. The vice-chairman, the vice presidents, the hon treasurer, and the assistant-treasurer were all re-elected, and the re-election of the committee, for which there were eighteen candidates, the meeting terminated. The only alterations in the committee is that Mr. Nisbet takes the place of Mr. Brookes, who has gone to Grimsby.
(Liverpool Football Echo: May 16, 1891)

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