The many club shirt colours from 1890 and 1891

July 11, 1891
The Burnley Football Club have been in search of club colours for next season, which will have to be registered by the League. Navy blue is thought to be of too sombre a hue, and white has been appropriated by North End. The old dark blue and white stripes will probably be no more seen upon Turf Moor in League matches, and, what is more, nearly all the principal colours have been chosen by different clubs, but of course, it will probably be open to Burnley to adopt some sort of “combination” – we almost hesitated to use that word! Light green, light brown, and amber have been suggested, also that the jersey should be half black and half white, but we shall feel obliged if our football readers will give us their opinions upon the subject, either by letter or post-card, addressed, “Football Editor, Express, Bull Street, Burnley.”

The club colours used last year were: – Accrington, red; Aston Villa, claret and light blue; Bolton Wanderers, red and white quartered; Burnley, dark blue jerseys; Blackburn Rovers, light blue and white; Derby County, navy blue and cardinal sleeves; Everton, salmon; Notts, black and white stripe; Sunderland, red and white stripe; West Bromwich, blue and white stripe; and Wolverhampton, red and white stripe. Stoke, we believe, sported jerseys half red, and Darwen had a similar stripe to the old Burnley one, only a shade narrower.

The colours which have already been registered are in many instances the same as given above, but there are a few alterations, which are as follow: – Everton, ruby with blue trimmings; Bolton, blue; West Bromwich, navy and white stripe, and Wolverhampton, blue and orange. Notts were thinking of changing their colours, and Burnley made application to be allowed to use it, but the former upon re-consideration, decided to stick to the old flag. West Bromwich have always used the navy and white, and have it registered as being the senior wearers. Stoke and Darwen are waiting to see what colour Burnley will choose. (Source: Burnley Express: July 11, 1891)

Everton F.C.’s colours from the “historicalkits” website. 1890-01 to the left, and 1891-92 to the right.


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