Changes in the Everton team

July 29, 1891
We hear on good authority that Dan Doyle, of Everton F.C., has decided to be reinstated as an amateur by the Scottish Football Association, in order that he might play for the Celtic F.C., who have been anxious to secure his services for some time. Doyle has been somewhat of a “roamer,” for after playing with East Stirlingshire he joined the Sunderland team, and from there went to Grimsby. While at the latter place he was engaged by the Bolton Wanderers, and during the summer months left them and threw in his lot with Everton. If the report is true, and we have every reason to think so, his loss will be severely felt. Andrew Hannah, the late captain, and Doyle’s partner at full-back, has also returned to Scotland. In addition to Doyle, we hear that Alex Brady, who was reinstated some weeks ago, and afterwards denied that he had made application, has also decided to join the Celts. The only cause for surprise is how the Celtic F.C., an “amateur” organisation, can induce men like Doyle and Brady – who are in receipt of over £3 per week from the Everton Club – to play for nothing.
(Source: Sheffield Evening Telegraph: July 29, 1891)

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