A Scottish view on Everton

August 3, 1891
It is somewhat amusing to read English opinion regarding the return of a few professionals to the Celtic and other Scotch clubs: – “With the football season, so far as the Association game is concerned, only a month off its commencement, there is no need to be surprised at the gossip which is creeping into the papers, even if some of the items themselves are of an astonishing character.

The statement that Dan Doyle, of Everton, desires to get reinstated by the Scottish Football Association is remarkable, seeing that the Liverpool Club paid him £3 a week, and that he now proposes to cross the Border to play with an amateur club like the Celtic for the pure love of the game. Such a fact imposes too great a strain on the credulity, and knowing how the Everton people have acted in other matters, I do not suppose they would tamely submit to see a player, who has been paid maintenance money all summer, get out of his obligations by becoming a Scottish amateur. Moreover, I have good reason for thinking that Dan Doyle will play for Everton after all.

“Everton, who headed the League last season, look like having great trouble in keeping up the calibre of the team. Andrew Hannah, the late captain, returned to Scotland last May, and it is now said that Alex Brady has been whitewashed, and will also play for the Celts. The general effect of these changes, coupled with the amnesty proclaimed by the Scottish Association, will be to make clubs cultivate their own local talent; and, after seeing the good game Darwen played with a team practically made up of Lancashire lads. I do not doubt that it would pay, and pay well, to thoroughly work such a mine. The first time the English Cup came into the provinces, the feat was accomplished by an English team.
(Source: Scottish Referee: August 3, 1891)


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