Middlesbrough Ironopolis v Canadians 0-1 (Friendly: September 2, 1891)

September 2, 1891
Match: Tour of the American-Canadians, at Paradise Ground.
Middlesbrough Ironopolis – Canadians 0-1 (0-0).
Attendance: 3,000.
Middlesbrough Ironopolis (2-3-5): Willie Chalmers, James Elliott, Ambrose Langley, George Miller, Taylor, Stevenson, Willie McArthur, Archie Hughes, Peter Coupar, Wally McReddie, Tom Seymour.
Canadians (2-3-5): Dennis Shea, Henry Waring, Joseph W. Buckley, Dr John Clark Warbrick, James J. Dalton, Franz H. Thibodo, Walter Wells Bowman, James Whittaker, Alex Jeffrey, Ernie C. Senkler, Neil Munro.
The goal: 0-1 Senkler.


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