A proposal to form the Everton club into a limited company

September 15, 1891
A meeting of the members of the Everton club was held at the Lecture Hall, Everton Road, to consider the proposal to convert the Everton club into a company, in order to raise capital to purchase the present land occupied by the club and ground adjacent.

Mr. William Barclay, vice chairman of the club presided.

Mr. William Clayton in a long speech, opposed the scheme, and it was evident from the reception he received at the end of his remarks that he had the sympathy of the meeting.

Mr. John Houlding explained in detail his outlay in the purchase of the land now occupied by Everton, and the interest he had received from year to year.

Mr. Montgomery proposed that the scheme be rejected.

Mr. George Mahon moved as an amendment that the scheme be not entertained, but that the committee have authority to negotiate with Mr. Houlding as to the renting of sufficient land to enlarge the ground.

Mr. Montgomery withdrew his motion in favour of the amendment, which was ultimately agreed to by an overwhelming majority.

Mr. Houlding declined to negotiate, and, as a means of extricating the meeting out of difficulty, Mr. Mahon proposed:
”That in the event of the committee finding the instructions of the meeting too formidable, a further meeting of the members be called within a month.”

This was agreed to, and the meeting terminated with a vote of thanks to the chairman.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: September 16, 1891)


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