Everton F.C. waiting for Mr. John Houlding

September 29, 1891
At the usual weekly meeting of the executive committee of the Everton Football Club, held Tuesday evening the promentous question of the ground and Mr. John Orrell’s offer is regard to the same was the principal subject for discussion.

It will be recollected that Mr. Orrell, who owns an adjoining place of land to that which the Everton club now rent from Mr. John Houlding at a rental of £250 annum, made an offer to a deputation of the club, who waited upon him last week to rent his portion of land, which is required to make the ground complete as an athletic ground, at the fair rent of £130. This offer on the part of Mr. Orrell – who it might be stated, has no further interest in the neighbourhood – was excepted by a portion of the committee as a possible solution to the difficulty, and an invitation to this effort was, we believe, made to Mr. Houlding.

The latter gentleman however up to last evening, we are given to understand, had made no reply, and the same deputation which previously written on Mr. Orrell was authorised by the committee last evening to wait on Mr. Houlding to learn how far he would assist in meeting the question. At present the solution of the difficulty appears to lie with the President of the club, who is also landlord, and so the matter stands. The result of the interview with Mr. Houlding will probably be known today. The opposition are willing to pay Mr Houlding 4 per cent, on his outlay, as against Mr. Orrell’s 22. At last night’s meeting Mr. J. Griffiths was elected on the committee in place of Mr. R. Wilson (resigned). (Liverpool Daily Post: September 30, 1891)


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