Grossly inaccurate reports and information

October 10, 1891
In view of the specking of members of this club which is to be held on Monday to ‘’discuss the situation,” the following circular has been issued:-

The Everton Football Club, Liverpool Oct 10 1891.

Dear sir:
– Owing to the grossly inaccurate reports and information, which have appeared respecting this club we deem it our duty to inform you upon the present position, more particularly upon matters in respect of which it will be your duty to exercise your vote on Monday evening next at the general meeting. Deputation from your committee have waited upon Messrs. Orrell and Houlding, with the following results: – Mr. Orrell offers (in writing) a ten year lease, rent £120 per annum: stands and other erections always to belong to the club. Mr. Orrell does not require Mr. Houlding to guarantee the rent.

Mr Houlding: – The deputation waited twice upon this gentleman – results on each occasion unsatisfactory.

Rent: – Mr. Houlding demands £250 per annum notwith standing the fact, that Mr. Orrell’s demands has arisen entirely through Mr. Houlding’s inability to give us peaceable possession of the land which he (Mr. Houlding) has been and is now charging rent for lease – he will not say that he will grant one.

Stands and fixtures- these are still claimed by Mr. Houlding the only deviation being Mr. Barclay’s statement (authorised by Mr. Houlding), which without any disrespect to that gentleman we are compelled to describle as ridiculous, as he asks for the unanimous votes of about 476 members. As Mr. Houlding can only claim the stands, on strictly legal grounds, it will be the duty of your committee to be advised as to their legal rights and, if an advised, to contest the legality of proceedings which, to you as members have been of so repugnant a character. Alternative schemes- we are not without these and they will be fully disclosed and handed to your committee at the proper time. We have obtained for your information particulars of rentals paid by others clubs, and now append list of same – Aston Villa £175, Notts County £186 (stands included),  Police Athletic £80, Bootle £80, Burnley £75, Stoke £75, Blackburn Rovers £60, Darwen £50, Wolverhampton Wanderers £50, Sunderland £45, Accrington £40, Bolton Wanderers £35, West Bromwich Albion £35, Preston North End £30, Liverpool Caledonians £25, Everton Mr. Orrell £120, Mr. Houlding £250, total £370.
The above figures need no comment.

Finally we desire simply the welfare of our club and regret that it is the position taken up by the president which blocks any reasonable solution of the difficulty. We contend that the three main questions – stands rental, and leases or fixity of tenure (weather on the present or any other ground) should at this juncture be definitely placed upon a business-like basis. We ask for no generosity, but we, in no uncertain voice, demands fair-play – yours very truly,

William Clayton, 74 Dacey-road
George Mahon, 86 Anfield-road

We the undersigned members of committee hereby express our approval of and concurrences in the above:- J. Atkinson, Dr James Baxter, Abraham Coates, Frank Currier, J. Griffiths, W. Jackson.
(Liverpool Daily Post: October 12, 1891)


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