The Municipal Elections

November 3, 1891
Everton Ward : 24,270 voters

In this ward, Mr. John Houlding, the retiring member, found a strong opponent in Mr William Nicholson, the local secretary of the Seaman and Firemen’s Union, who came forward in the interest of labour and municipal reform. Mr. Houlding’s trouble with the football people – a strong body of enthusiasts – was a great blow, coming as it did a short time before the elections, and there were few canvassers , even on ”King John of Everton’s” side, who did not admit that the dispute cost him a number of votes. The chief complaint against Mr Houlding was summed up in Mr A Guthrie’s remark that ”a direct attack is here being made on Great Grog in the person of one of his chief captains.”

John Houlding (C)………7120
William Nicholson (L)….5588
(Liverpool Mercury: November 3, 1891)


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