A yankee desperado in Liverpool

January 30, 1892
Quite a distinguished passenger sailed on Saturday from Liverpool on the Guion steamer Arizona, but he sails against his will and with an escort he would prefer to leave behind. This personage is Thomas O’Brien, famous throughout America as a most daring and successful “bunco thief,” or confidence trick man, who was brought from London to Liverpool in charge of Inspector Frank Froest, of Scotland Yard, and Officer T. Reilly, of the New York Police, en route to America on an extradition warrant. O’Brien is a man of powerful physique and desperate character, and while in Holloway prison repeatedly told the warders that he meant “to make a bold break for liberty.” Special measures were therefore taken to frustrate any attempt to escape. The prisoner was handcuffed to Detective Reilly, despite his protest that such a proceeding was degrading to a citizen of the United States. Both officers carried revolvers; the door of the reserved second-class compartment in which the party travelled was carefully locked, and the apparatus for communicating with the driver and guard of the train was so arranged as to be within easy reach of the detectives. The party arrived safely in Liverpool, and the prisoner was lodged in the Main Bridewell.
(Source: Manchester Courier: January 30, 1892)

Inspector Frank Foerst.
Frank Foerst