An arm length between Mr. John McKenna and Mr. William Clayton

February 1, 1892
The special general meeting of the members of the Everton Football Club only came off last Monday evening, and the business was expeditiously done. There was only one passage of arms between Mr. John McKenna and Mr. William Clayton, but Mr. William Barclay who was in the chair, soon stopped it.

The meeting decided to offer Mr. John Houlding £180 a year rental, instead of £250, and on his own terms, except as to his right to nominate a member of the committee. It seemed to be understood by the chairman and a few members that Mr. Houlding would not accept any reduction of rent, so it was agreed to give him seven day to consider the matter.

It must be borne in mind that in addition to the £180 rental to Mr. Houlding a further rental of £100 has to be paid to Mr. Orrell for his portion; which, so far as the club’s requirements for football purposes goes, only measures from the touch line to the enclosure on the reserved side. With taxes, the rental would be about £340, which is high enough for anything.

After some discussion, in which it seemed desirable to remain on the present ground, if possible, a proposal by Mr. Clayton, that the club should remove to the Goodison-road site (if Mr. Houlding refused the terms offered), was carried; and it was ultimately decided to form the club into a limited liability company with a capital of £500, in £1 shares. That is not a large amount, and practically the members will be in the same position as they are at present, and the object in registering the club as a company was only for the pecuniary safety of the members, or shareholders, and the greater security the club will have in dealing with such players as Doyle and Brady.
(Athletic News: February 1, 1892)

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