Mr. John Houlding is a strong man

February 1, 1892
Such was the words of Mr. George Mahon, at the general meeting of the Everton Football Club last week, and I apprehend that they posses even greater significance now than they did at the time they were used.

In establishing a new company and registering it under the new title of ”Everton Football and Athletic Ground Company, Limited”, Mr John Houlding has unquestionably gained the upper hand in the dispute.

Both the League and the English Association are certain to look at the broad facts that the Everton club is still conducted at the old headquarters, and that it will receive their official recognition may be regarded as practically settled.

The one great result of the controversy seems likely to be the present hand of malcontents, and the carrying on, of the old club in future by those intimately acquainted with its early vicissitudes and troubles.

That a club could ever flourish at Goodison Road unless backed by the most powerful financial aid is altogether out of question. And I doubt whether Messrs. William Clayton and George Mahon and their supporters have realised the enormous expense certain to be involved in the removal to Goodison Road.

Now that Mr. Houlding, has decided to maintain the existence of the club unbroken upon its present ground, he will naturally retain the stands and other erections, and the new club could therefore have to provide other stands, drain the ground, and also cover it with at least two feet of soil to make it level and suitable for the purpose of football.

As Mr. Clayton admits that little if any balance will remain in at the close of the season in April. I think they will be lucky if they finish the season without a deficit. I would venture to inquire where they propose to get the money to do this work, not to speak of the sums required to pay the professionals during the summer. Not surely out of the capital of £500.
(Field Sports: February 1, 1892)

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