John Houlding is refused the Everton F.C.s members’ book

February 2, 1892
At a meeting of the Everton Football Club at which Mr. William Jackson presided, there were present Dr James Baxter, Messrs. Atkinson, Griffiths, Nisbet, Ramsey, Howarth, Stockton, Clayton, Currier, Coates and Molyneux (secretary).

The resignations of Mr. Barclay and Mr. Joseph Williams were accepted. Mr. Nisbet made application on behalf of Mr. Houlding that the book containing the list of the members be lent to that gentleman.

The request was supported by Mr. Ramsay.

Several members commented upon the adverse attitude which Mr. Houlding had assumed towards the club, and it was resolved to refuse the loan of the book.
(Liverpool Mercury: February 5, 1892)