The moslems at Liverpool

February 2, 1892
Mr. Abdullah Quilliam, of Liverpool, leader of the Moslem party in England, who last year had audience of the Sultan in reference to providing for the wants of Mohammedons in this country, confirms the report that Moslems in Burmah, British India, and other large centres are aiding the Liverpool Mohammedons by subscribing to the proposed building of a religious edifice to supersede the temporary Mosque in Liverpool. It is also intended to build in Liverpool a Moslem College, to be under the immediate superintendence of the officer of the congregation, and having for its principal Professor Karl Falkner, of the Universities of Basle and Zurich. It is pointed out that many Mohammedons in Turkey, India, Syria, Egypt, and the British Colonies on the West Coast of Africa desires to give their children a good English education, but hesitate to send them to Europe lest they should be influenced in their religious views. The College will adjoin the new Mosque, and religious exercise will form part of the programme. It is also intended to purchase land for a Moslem cemetery in Liverpool.
(Portsmouth Evening News: February 2, 1892)

Abdullah Quilliam
Abdullah Quilliam

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