John Houldings friends vote against themselves

February 8, 1892
The gentlemen who hold supreme sway over the fortunes of the Everton club have peculiar methods of carrying on their business. Two members of the executive were amongst the seven persons who signed the memorandum of association of the Everton Club Company, and Mr. William Clayton moved at the last committee meeting a resolution denouncing the conduct of these two gentlemen. When this was put to the vote Mr Bobby Stockton, who is very fond of a joke and is always quaintly humorous, said: Well, gentlemen, this is pantomime season; we don’t often confer honours like this; let us be unanimous.

This direct appeal to Messrs. John James Ramsay and Alex Nisbet was taken by them in the amusing spirit in which it was made, and they voted for the motion which condemned them. This resolution being carried, and the accused being found guilty and punished, it would have been considered that the committee had obtained sufficient satisfaction.

But, no; they carry their authority further and decide that the culprits shall go before them and give an explanation of their conduct. Verily authority with some is as a plaything to a child.
(Field Sports: February 8, 1892)
(** This comment was about the meeting held on February 2 – 1892)

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