The Everton F.C. committee still awaiting Mr. Houldings reply

February 8, 1892
It will be remembered that at the general meeting of the members of the Everton club Mr. John Houlding was allowed the space of seven days in which to reply to the offers decided to be made.

The seven days had elapsed last Tuesday, and at the committee meeting held on the evening of that day Mr. William Clayton learned that the reply had not been made, and he therefore moved that another seven days’ latitude might be given to Mr. Houlding.

And this is the gentleman who talked so much about procrastination, and now is the cause of delay, although it has been pointed out that Mr. Houlding will on no account accept the terms offered.

One of Mr. Clayton’s partisans stated that they did not want to go to Goodison-road.

Such a statement leads one to believe that the whole agitation regarding the new enclosure has been a ruse to induce Mr. Houlding to reduce his demands.

I wonder whether at the expiration of this further seven days’ leniency the reformers will be content to wait a little longer.
(Field Sports: February 8, 1892)

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