The missing book of the Everton F.C. members

February 8, 1892
Mr. John Houlding, at the last meeting of the Everton Committee, forwarded a request that he should be allowed to have the use of the book containing the addresses of the members.

In the absence of any assurance that this was required for the benefit of the club the permission was not granted.

There is some mystery about these addresses.

The treasurer had one book, and the secretary is in possession of another, with the names of the noble 500. Six weeks ago it was decided by the committee that a list of the members and their addresses should be printed and placed in some public position.

Mr. Frank Currier, the assistant treasurer, offered to have the names written instead of printed, and although six weeks have passed since the book was handed over for the purpose mentioned it has not been returned. It has been explained that the friend to whom Mr. Currier entrusted the work of copying has been suffering from influenza.

Although in every other concern a president has full opportunity of inspecting books, in this case a gentleman who has been largely involved in financial liabilities on behalf of the Everton club is refused even a glimpse of the addresses of the members.
(Field Sports: February 8, 1892)

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