Twisting the truth a little

February 8, 1892
Some of the Liverpool papers seem to have got slightly inaccurate report of what the Football Association did in the matter of the Everton F.C. dispute, and in two papers and also in a handbill which was distributed at the Everton ground the F.A.’s resolution has been so altered as to give it a totally different meaning. What the Association did was to pass the following: –

“This Council, in accordance with its past decisions, will not recognise or accept the membership of any club bearing a name similar to one already affiliated with this Association, and in the case of the Everton Club will only recognise the action of the majority of its members at a duly constituted meeting.”

The papers alluded to make the resolution to read “bearing a name similar to the one already affiliated with this Association in the name of the Everton Club, and will only,” &c. This puts an entirely different construction on the ruling, which is only what the Association has arrived at in previous cases of a somewhat similar character.

It simply means that the Council will not affiliate any club as Everton unless it has the authority of a duly constituted meeting of the members.
(Athletic News: February 8, 1892)

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