Men who know the game of football

February 29, 1892
Despite a lot of sinister rumours of £50 having been deposited and forfeited in consequence of non-fuldiment of agreement in signing the lease for the Goodison Road Ground, I am assured that no such sum has been either required to be deposited or is forfeited. There is no occasion for it either way.

The Everton club having received notice to quit the present ground, have decided upon another enclosure, and the negotiations are quietly and smoothly following their natural course. Personally I am not interested in any other affair than what appertains to football, but so far as the Everton club is concerned, I only recognise the majority of its members.

If Mr. John Houlding runs a show, superior or otherwise, I shall give it every consideration, but in the meantime, I shall support the Everton Football Club executive. And I don’t see why I should not. When I come to compare what is called the Clayton clique, I find quite as good sportsmen and men who know the game of football as the other side, and men who for the love of the game, are prepared to sacrifice both time and money.

To say that because certain people cannot have their own way and rule the roast that the club will sink is idle nonsense, for the club will still go on. I am glad the League have followed the Association in its ruling, and have evinced a sympathy with the club by altering the date of the Accrington match.
(Source: Athletic News: February 29, 1892)


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