Preparations for the Everton F.C. special general meeting

March 12, 1892
In accordance with requisitions sent in to the committee by members of the Everton Football Club, and with a view to the committee informing the members of the present position of matters, a general meeting of the club has been summoned for Tuesday evening next, at eight o’clock, in the Presbyterian Schools, Royal Street.

The following are the requisitions:
No 1:
* 1. That Messrs. John Houlding, Alex Nisbet, and Thomas Howarth, having lost the confidence of the members of the club, be respectively removed from the presidency and the committee
* 2. To rescind resolution or resolutions whereby Mr. Houlding has a right to nominate Mr John James Ramsay, or any other person, to a seat on the committee.
* 3. And to pass any resolutions having reference to these matters, as the meeting may consider necessary.

No 2:
* 1. To obtain a clear and definite statement, duly audited, of the financial condition of the club, with a full account of the negotiations in reference to the Goodison Road Ground, as regards rental and conditions; tenure and conditions; and notice to quit; lease and conditions; finance – as to draining, levelling, turfing, enclosing, building stands and dressing rooms, and other necessary erections; advances – as to what person or persons are advancing the money required in connection with this scheme, and on what terms.
* 2. To elicit from the committee an official statement as to the present and future liability of the members.
* 3. To elicit from the committee to what extent the club is committed for next year, including the non-playing season, as regards players and other salaried officials, in the total amount of wages per week during May, June, July and August, and also during the other eight months of the year ending 30th April 1893.
* 4. To rescind the resolutions passed at the last general meeting, authorising the removal of the club to the Goodison Road site, and empowering the committee to form the club into a limited liability company, with a capital of £500.
* 5. To submit the following resolution: – “That the Everton Football Club do now amalgamate with the Everton Football Club and Athletic Grounds Company, Limited”. In compliance with Mr. Houlding’s request the committee of the club consented to a copy of the prospectus of the “Everton Football Club and Athletic Grounds Company, Limited” being sent to each member along with the notice convening the meeting.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: March 12, 1892)

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