Liverpool F.C. seek affiliation with the F.A.

March 18, 1892
The extraordinary general meeting of the members of the Everton Club, on Tuesday, resulted, as most people expected, in the confirmation of the action of the committee – the rejection of the amalgamation with the “Everton Football Club and Athletic Grounds Company, Limited,” and in the removal of Messrs. Houlding, Nisbet, and Howarth from the executive. Everyone will regret the necessity, but few will be found lacking in appreciation of the decision of the meeting. The members at the previous meeting issued their ultimatum to Mr. Houlding, expressing willingness to continue his tenants upon certain and not unreasonable terms, but he never thought it worth while to even reply to these overtures, and accordingly, so far as the majority of the members were concerned, the negotiations were at an end. The way is now clear. Everton and Goodison-road will soon become as synonymous terms as Everton and Anfield-road. It is perhaps true, as Mr. Howarth said, that the present Everton ground is the most popular in the country, but it is not the locality of the ground that has made a favourite rendezvous – it is the high class quality of football detailed out to patrons that has impelled increasingly large assemblies of spectators to press into the Anfield-road enclosure. And so it will be Goodison-road, or any other eligible place, if only good sport is assured. The work of laying out the new ground, it is said, is already placed in the hands of the contractor, and another proof of expediting matter is that 10,000 square yards of turf are being advertised for. Mr. Houlding’s followers are also active, and on Friday sought the affiliation of the “Liverpool Association Football Club”, but the English council postponed the permission.
(Liverpool Mercury: March 21, 1892)

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