Inter League matches

English League v Scottish League 2-2 (Inter League: April 11, 1892)

April 11, 1892
International: Inter League, at Pike’s Lane (Bolton).
English League – Scottish League 2-2 (1-0) (match played 2 x 40 mins.).
Attendance: 12,000.
Referee: Mr. John James Bentley (Bolton); linesmen: Messrs. Lockett (Stoke) and Lawrence (Dumbarton).
English League (2-3-5): Joe Reader (West Bromwich), Bob Holmes (Preston North End), Donald Gow (Sunderland), Willie Groves (West Bromwich), Harry Gardiner (Bolton Wanderers), Jack Reynolds (West Bromwich), Billy Bassett (West Bromwich), Tom McInnes (Notts County), John Goodall (Derby County), Edgar Chadwick (Everton), Harry Daft (Nottingham Forest).
Scottish League (2-3-5): John McLeod (Dumbarton), Andrew Hannah (Renton), Dan Doyle (Celtic), Willie Maley (Celtic), Dickie Boyle (Dumbarton), James McBride (Renton), Jack Taylor (Dumbarton), James McCall (Renton), Neil McCallum (Celtic), Alex “Sandy” McMahon (Celtic), John Bell (Dumbarton).
The goals: 1-0 McInnes (39 min.), 1-1 McMahon, 1-2 Bell (73 min.), 2-2 Bassett (80 min.).

Joe Reader, West Bromwich (Lloyd’s Weekly News: May 1, 1892):

Harry Gardiner, Bolton Wanderers (Lloyd’s Weekly News: October 9, 1892):

John Goodall, Derby County (Lloyd’s Weekly News: April 2, 1893):

Willie Maley, Celtic F.C. (Glasgow Evening Post: April 9, 1892):

Neil McCallum, Celtic F.C. (Glasgow Evening Post: April 9, 1892);


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