Anfield in a howling wilderness?

April 11, 1892
The event of the past week in Liverpool football circles has been Mr. Houlding’s action with regard to the stands at Anfield Road. Those who have talked so confidently of leaving the ground “a howling wilderness” never counted upon the possibility of “the law’s delays” which may be multiplied to an almost indefinite extent in a delicate matter of this kind. When the injunction prohibiting any interference with the stands has been issued, a date will have to be fixed for hearing and deciding the dispute on its merits, and meanwhile the stands will of course have to remain on the ground untouched. I hear that negotiations have lately been undertaken with a view to a friendly settlement of the question, but as no compromise seemed possible Mr. Houlding settled matters by applying for a chancery injunction, the hearing of which will take place to-day.
(Source: Field Sports: April 11, 1892)

Anfield 1892

Seen from The Kop, mainstand to the left and Kemlyn Road to the right.