The cost of the stands at Anfield

April 18, 1892
Mr. John Houlding has obtained an injunction to restrain the Everton Club from taking the stands, &c off the ground, and the matter will now be heard in the Chancery Court. The club has had counsel’s opinion to the effect that they can claim the stands, and Mr. Houlding has had council’s opinion to the effect that they cannot, and the result is Chancery proceedings. This is a pity for law and football ought never to be seen in the same company.

We understand Mr. John James Ramsay offered the club £125 for the stands, but the committee first of all asked £1,600, and then came down to £400. Mr. Ramsay considers that the value to the club is about £350 and that it will take £225 to remove them, consequently it would pay the club to sell them for the latter figure. It seems a low price to us, but if Mr. Houlding has a right to them as landlord, then the club would be well advised to let him have them.

There are rumours abroad that the new Liverpool club are endeavoring to obtain the services of several League players, but Mr. William Barclay denies this, and he ought to know.
(Source: Athletic News: April 18, 1892)

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