Letter to the Athletic News

April 21, 1892
To the Editor of the Athletic News.
“Sir, – Anent the paragraph in your last issue stating that our committee first of all asked £1,600 for the stands, from which it might naturally be inferred that we were acting unreasonably. I beg to state that there is no truth in the statement. Only one suggestion was made by us, namely £400. At the time of Mr. John James Ramsay making the offer of £125 on behalf of Mr. John Houlding, for property which cost the club upwards of £1,500, writs had been issued by Mr. Houlding claiming the whole of the property, and the only reply which the committee received for their suggestion of £400 was the service of the aforesaid writs upon representatives of our body. – Yours, &c. George Mahon, 2 St Ambrose Grove, Walton. April 21 – 1892.”
(Source: Athletic News: April 25, 1892)