Meeting of the Football Association (April 25, 1892)

April 25, 1892
A meeting of the council of the above association was held at the offices, 61 Chancery Lane, last night, Mr. John Charles Clegg presiding. The following business was transacted.

Reports by referees of misconduct of J. Douthwaite (of Stalybridge Rovers), C. Whittaker (of Rawtenstall), and McMahon (of Park Lane Wanderers) were referred to the Lancashire Association. On a report by R.E. Maynard, of the Kettering team, in match v. Millwall Athletic in the Luton Charity Cup the eleven Kettering players were suspended from September 1 to September 14 inclusive. Report of misbehaviour of Forest Swifts (Leytonstone) by G. Allanson was referred to the London Association. Report of Wesley and McMahon, of Wells, by J.R. Connelly was referred to the Somersetshire Association.

The resolution passed at the conference at Glasgow was adopted.

The Rules. – Sub-Committee to draw up some rules to give effect to it “That the conference is of opinion that the Football Association should take steps to stop gambling in connection with football matches; to prevent players betting on result of matches, in which they take part; to prevent officials of clubs betting on matches in which their teams are engaged; to provide the strongest penalty against persons offering inducements to players, with the object of affecting the result of matches.”

Reports from Association – Durham F.C. re Leadzate Park, Derbyshire Association re Trueman and Smith, Lancashire Association re Haydock and Helen’s Rangers, were adopted.

A letter from Hednesford Town re Hadlington’s professional four was referred to Birmingham Association to report.

The following notices to be submitted to the general meeting, were reported by the secretary: –
(a) Proposed by Derby County, seconded by Notts Incorporated. That members of Her Majesty’s Regular Forces, who are registered professionals for clubs affiliated to the Football Association, shall be allowed to play for their regiments in the ties of the Army Cup.

(b) Proposed by F. Lee, Macclesfield, seconded by S.A. Pearson, Macclesfield.
(b1) Players are either amateur or professional. Any player registered with this Association as a professional, or receiving remuneration or consideration of any sort, above his necessary hotel and travelling expenses, shall be considered a professional. Hotel expenses shall mean not more than 2s. 6d. for each meal, and not more than three meals in one day, to be thus regulated. A player required to leave home before nine a.m., to be entitled to three meals, after nine a.m., and before one p.m., two meals, after one p.m. one meal, and if required to be away all night 3s. in addition be allowed for lodgings. Travelling expenses to mean not more than third class railway fare from the nearest station where located, to where he is required to meet the team, and cab fares on the approval of the committee of the club to which he belongs. Players receiving any payment under this rule must, if required, give a written receipt for the same, such receipt need not detail how the amount has been expended, and secretaries must produce such receipt to the Council of this Association if required to do so. Players competing for money prizes in football contests shall be considered professionals.

(b2) Club committees may insure both amateurs and professionals against accidents at football, and when not insured may allow for loss of time when not able to follow employment through an accident while playing football on production of medical certificate that such is the cause. An amateur not to lose his status as an amateur for receiving such payment.

Witton F.C. was suspended until 30s. is paid to E. Chapman. Application of Derby County to call second team Derby Town was granted. Application of Stockton and Liverpool Caledonians A.F.C. to be converted into limited liability companies were granted on conditions that the maximum dividend did not exceed 5 per cent. Application for membership from Hadfield A.F.C., Uxbridge F.C. and Liverpool F.C. were granted. Application of Irwell Springs to alter name to Bacup F.C. was granted.

J.W. Taylor (Stalybridge Rovers), J.H. Howarth, and O. Pinder (of Rawtenstall) were suspended till end of season for violation of rules. Application for Sheffield and District Junior Cup was not granted.

Following was reported: – Proposal for International Board (other than those of F.A.) by Irish Association to add to Law 10, “The goal-keeper may not be charged unless he be actually playing the ball.”

Suspension of Hilton (of Hurst Ramblers) and Wright (of Stockport County) by Manchester Association, was endorsed. Long Eaton Rangers’ linesman, Mr. Smith, on report of referee, Mr. J. Jefferies, was suspended till December 31.

It was resolved that in the case of Conference fixtures any Cup finals drawn on Saturday next be allowed to be played off on May 7, but otherwise no football to be allowed during close season. Brigg Town was ordered to pay £5 to Gainsborough Trinity, and West Bromwich Albion £25 to Middlesbrough for unfulfilled engagements.

It was decided that the annual general meeting be held on Friday, May 27. A sub-committee, consisting of Messrs. Clegg, Charles Crump, Woolfall, and Widdowson, to revise rules.
(Source: Sporting Life: April 26, 1892)



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