The first players signs on

May 6, 1892
A general meeting of the Liverpool Football Club was held on Friday at 33 Lime Street, Mr. Edwin Berry in the chair. It was unanimously decided to constitute the club a limited liability company, under the conditions laid down by the English Association regarding the realisation of profits.

Mr. Barclay gave the meeting some interesting particulars as to the future engagements, and the players that were engaged for the next season. The meeting was pleased with the engagements, and it was mentioned that Jock Smith of Sunderland,  Thomas Wyllie of Everton and Hugh Clifford of Stoke, were among the players who with the consent of their respective clubs were engaged. It was further reported that negotiation were in progress with a number of first class Scotch players, and that some interesting announcements on this subject would be made shortly.

Mr. Barclay subsequently stated that arrangement had been made with regards to turnstiles, stands &c, and that the ground would be in precisely the same condition next September as when the Everton Club vacated it.
(Source: Field Sports: May 9, 1892)

general meeting 1892

Hugh Clifford (his contract with Liverpool was later cancelled since he during close season played for Celtic in Scotland).

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