The Football League: The annual meeting of 1892

May 13, 1892
Someone has blundered. That is the explanation regarding Liverpool’s unsuccessful appeal for union with the League. Applicants were asked, according to the printed form circulated by the League, to leave themselves open for elections to the second division if not successful in the vote for the first division. In the Liverpool Club’s form handed to the meeting this saving clause was struck out, thus leaving the application for the first division only. The League would not have them in the premier list, and consequently, as there was no request left for inclusion in the subordinate ranks, Liverpool are out of it altogether. Someone has been guilty of negligence or oversight in forwarding Liverpool’s application. There is no doubt that matches in a competition of the League description is much more interesting than ordinary fixtures, and therefore are credited with greater gate-drawing powers. Liverpool have a rattling team ready for next season, and as it would have been in all likelihood superior to any of the teams in the second division a glorious record is lost. People like to follow the winning club and there would have been spanking gates at Anfield if Liverpool had been drawn for the second division application.
(Source: Field Sports: May 23, 1892)

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