Everton F.C. balance sheet 1891-92

May 14, 1892
The balance-sheet to be submitted to the members of the Everton Football Club on Tuesday next shows a balance of £875 2s 1d in hand. The balance carried forward from last year was £1,792. During the expired season the gate receipts amounted to £5,747, and receipts from matches played away £502. The expenditure amounted to £7740, of which sum £4,038 went in payment of players` wages. Advertising cost £83, travelling expenses amounted to £843, clothing and material to £127, insurance of players £67, and legal expenses £9. Appended to the balance sheet is the following: – In addition to the above the following amounts are still due to the club: Doyle, £69; amounts due from other clubs, £27 10s; amount due from Lancashire Association, £63 10s 8d; amount due from Mr. John Houlding, £310; proportion of wages advances to players, £200. Due to Mr. Houlding for rent £125.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: May 14, 1892)

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