Improved telephone apparatus

May 25, 1892
The new telephone company gave at their offices in Cannon Street, London, yesterday (says a London correspondent) an exhibition of their improved telephone apparatus. One of the most serious disadvantages in most of the present telephone exchanges is that conversations are conducted with the utmost difficulty, owing to the fact that one’s ears are assailed with other noises, which are caused by the proximity of the telephone wire to other wires carrying the electric current. Many plans have been suggested for obviating this inconvenience, and Professor Hughes discovered that if two wires were used instead of one to connect the telephone all the external noises would be cut off. The telephones used for yesterday’s experiments included those of the type adopted in connection with the Paris and Stockholm Exchanges, together with several others. The practical efficiency of the telephones was tested, with satisfactory results. It was stated that the directors, by their agreement with the Postmaster-General, will be able to offer their London customers trunk line communication with Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, and all the important towns of in Great Britain.
(Source: Edinburgh Evening News: May 26, 1892)

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