A Board of Conciliation in Liverpool

May 26, 1892
For some two years past, what for all practical purposes is a board of conciliation has been in operation in Liverpool in connection with the carting trade. Committees of the Cartowners Association and of the Carters’ Union have met and settled various questions in connection with the rates and terms of employment of the men.

Yesterday another sitting was held at the offices of the Cartowners’ Association, when for two hours and a half several points of importance were discussed in view of increase of wages which is to come into force in October next. Mr. John Houlding, a member of the Liverpool City Council, who is president of the men’s union, said it was gratifying to find that he Board of Conciliation was doing its work very well; and he was sure if, throughout the country, similar boards of masters and men could be got together to discuss trade subjects, it would do away with strikes and both classes would be far better.
(Source: Manchester Courier: May 27, 1892)