Glasgow Charity Cup

Celtic v Glasgow Rangers 2-0 (Glasgow Charity Cup Final: June 1, 1892)

June 1, 1892
Match: Glasgow Charity Cup, Final, at Celtic Park.
Celtic – Glasgow Rangers 2-0 (0-0).
Attendance: 7,000; gate receipts: £185.
Referee: Mr. T.R. Park; touch judges: Messrs. Mr. McKillop and J. Cameron.
Celtic (2-3-5): Joe Cullen, Dan Doyle, Jeremiah “Jerry” Reynolds, Patrick Gallagher, James Kelly, Willie Maley, Neil McCallum, Alex Brady, John Madden, Alex “Sandy” McMahon, John James Campbell.
Glasgow Rangers (2-3-5): David Haddow, Donald Gow, Thomas Dunbar, Robert Marshall, Andrew McCreadie, John Muir, Neil Kerr, Thomas McInnes (Notts County), Gibb, Peter Turnbull, John McPherson.
The goals: 1-0 Campbell, 2-0 McMahon.


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