Andrew Hannah captain of Liverpool F.C.

June 6, 1892
The agents of the Liverpool Association Football Club have been busy in Scotland during the past week, and one result of their pre-ignitions is that the signature of Andrew Hannah has been obtained to the documents necessary to ensure his appearance at Anfield-road next season.

Hannah has been appointed captain of the Liverpool team – a most judicious move, as he is one of the acutest captains Scotland has ever turned out, and there can be no doubt that the winning (for Everton) of the League championship in 1890-91 was due very largely to the skilful and farsightful manner in which he so often piloted his men to victory.

His presence in the team next year will not only inspire the players with enthusiasm, but will attract Hannah much popular favour to the new club. Bootle, I may add, have arranged to play the opening fixture at Anfield-road on the 1st of September.
(Field Sports: June 6, 1892)

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