James McBride transferred to Liverpool

June 6, 1892
A deputation representing the League club has been in Scotland during the last week, and as a result of their labours two more powerful recruits have been added to the already strong list of players registered.

The first is Andrew Hannah, of Renton, and formerly captain of the Everton club. Hannah will take charge of the new team.

James McBride is the second player signed this week. He also emanates from the celebrated village of Renton, and during the past season has played left half back for the first team. So rapid has been the progress of the player that when the international league match was played at Bolton,

McBride was included in the Scotch team, and those who had the pleasure of witnessing the game will never forget the magnificent form of this young player. Although small in stature and rather slim build, he has all the attributes of a grand half back. He has a rare turn of speed, and is a fearless tackler, whilst he is also a good shot at goal.

We expect in the course of a few days to be able to give the names of a number of good players who are about to join the Liverpool ranks.
(Field Sports: June 6, 1892)

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