Liverpudliana: By Richard Samuel (June 11, 1892)

June 11, 1892
You must have a little football, and in truth we are constantly served up with fresh dishes of players – Scotch brand. With all due deference to the originator of the new in the present unreliable nature of this particular brand I shall prefer waiting a little while to swallow much of it.

To come to something more definite, I may say that the Goodison Road site is well advanced, and stands, &c., capable of holding 30,000 people, will be up by the end of July.

Matters out at Bootle are a little unsettled. It is another case of the ground question. The cricketers have always been looked upon as the football club’s landlord, but there are a body of gentlemen who as guarantors consider they should have a voice in the financial part of the concern, and have pushed their claims forward.

As usual there is a lot of intricate mater involved, and to come to some definite arrangement a meeting of the committees of the Cricket, Football and Bowling Clubs was called for last Wednesday evening. I am not in a position to say what was done, but the football club will be in a more favourable position now than hitherto.

The stand accommodation at Goodison road will not be so extensive as supposed, as the committee are relying upon the quite as good method of banking up with cinders. The covered stand will hold 3,000, and will be erected on a similar description to the Blackburn Rovers’ stand at Ewood. Seven thousand will be able to see the game from behind each goal, and 10,000 on the Goodison side of the ground.

The prices will be on the popular side, the nimble six-pence gaining admission to three sides of the ground.
(Cricket and Football Field: June 11, 1892)


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