Middlesbrough F.C. becomes a Limited Liability Company

June 13, 1892
A meeting of over 1,000 members of the Middlesbrough Football Club was held on Monday night in the Co-operative Hall, under the presidency of Mr. J.V. Cooper, for the purpose of carrying into effect the resolution passed at the annual meeting of the club in favour of converting the club into a limited liability company.

– The Secretary (Mr. A. Borrie said in pursuance of the powers vested in them at the last meeting, the Executive had been engaged in securing new players for the ensuing season, and they had already signed on Galbraith, of Dumbarton (inside right), Abraham, of Renton (inside left), J. Gibson, late of Glasgow Thistle (centre forward), and James Stott, of South Bank (half back).

The players now signed on are: Goal, Mackay; backs, Bob Crone, McManus, and Bell; half-backs, T. Bach, Stott, Bell, and a new man whom it is expected to sign on to-day; forwards, Black, Abraham, McKnight, Galbraith, Gibson, and Cronshaw.

Mr. Borrie announced that the Executive did not propose to stop there, but they would proceed to secure other first class players. (Applause.) It was suggested that the name of the new company should be “The Middlesbrough Football and Athletic Company (Limited),” and the application to the English Association to sanction the establishment of the company had been granted.

Mr. Cooper had seen the agent of the Middlesbrough owners and they had no objection to the transfer of the agreement of the tenancy of the Linthorpe-road ground to the new company. (Hear, hear.) The capital would be £2,000, made up of 2,000 £1 shares. It was then resolved to form a company under the title named, with a capital of £2,000, of 2,000 £1, payable 5s on application, 5s on allotment, 5s on the 31st of March, 1893, and the remaineder two months afterwards if required.

It was also decided that last year’s members of the club, on payment of the sums required on application and allotment, should have a ticket of admission for the ensuing season at the rate of 2s 6d each.

The Executive appointed Messrs. F. Hardisty, R. Forster, R. Dodds, D. Caddick, F. Bach, and Dr. Bateman to act as directors, and the following other gentlemen were elected by the meeting – Messrs. J Soulsby, J.R. Smiles, W.H. Thomas, J. Creason, T. Bach, and G. Marshall. Mr. Albert Borrie was unanimously elected secretary, and the usual votes of thanks concluded the meeting.
(Source: Northern Echo: June 14, 1892)

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