New lines on the football field

June 14, 1892
The International Football Board met at Llandudno yesterday, Mr. J. Taylor in the chair. Messrs. D.J. Davies (president of the Welsh Football Association, representing Wales), C. Crump and R.P. Gregson (representing England), A. Sliman and R. Harrison (representing Scotland) and J. Reid (representing Ireland) were present.

A series of alterations in the laws of the game, recommended by the Football Association, were unanimously adopted. It was decided on the recommendation of the English Association that in future a plan shall be printed in the laws of the game. The plan will show the twelve yards line (the eighteen yards line being abolished), the six yards radius at each goal-post, and the corner kicks radius.

On the recommendation of the Irish Association the following addition was made to Law 10: –
“The goalkeeper shall not be charged except he be in the act of playing the ball or is obstructing an opponent.”
(Source: Northern Daily Telegraph: June 14, 1892)


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