Aston Villa F.C.: The annual meeting of 1892

June 17, 1892
The annual meeting of the members of the Aston Villa Football Club was held on Friday, Mr. James Hinks (president) in the chair.

The Chairman move the adoption of the report and statement of accounts.

Mr. Macgregor seconded the resolution, remarking that how to keep the players steady and sober was the coming question, and whoever could devise a plan whereby professional footballers could be kept at work and out of the public-house would render the football world a great service.

The resolution was carried unanimously.

A motion, proposed by Mr. Butler, and seconded by Mr. Johnson, sen., that any official known to bet either on or against the Villa should be called upon to resign, was carried almost unanimously.

The officers and committee were then re-elected, and the meeting resolved itself into a special committee to consider the question of increasing the subscription from 7s 6d to 10s 6d.

A motion to this effect was moved, but the meeting became so disorderly that it was impossible to count the voters on either side, although several attempts were made.

Eventually the Chairman adjourned the meeting until Friday next.
(Source: Sheffield Daily Telegraph: June 20, 1892)


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