Former Aston Villa director died in the arrest

June 20, 1892
Mr. P.H. Clamp, who was formerly the hon. secretary of the Aston Villa F.C., has met his end under sad circumstances. He had given way to intemperance of late, an being found in the street in an incapably drunken state, he was confined in a cell at the Aston Police Station for the purpose of being brought before the magistrates on Monday last.

The poor fellow fell a victim to alcoholic poisoning, and had to be medically treated. When the magistrates learned the result of his fate they decided to let him off without a fine, taking into consideration that he had been kept in the cell a day or two. When the officials went to liberate Clamp they found he had died in the cell.
(Source: Blackburn Standard: June 25, 1892)

Note: I have found no proof of Clamp being secretary of Aston Villa, but instead lists shows that he was chairman of the board of directors at the club from 1888 to 1891.

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