Prospects for the coming season

June 20, 1892
Mr. William Barclay, Hon. Secretary of the Liverpool Association Football Club, writes to us as follows.

“Sir, – I have a great many letters of inquiry from our friends and supporters as to our prospects for next season. It is quite impossible for me to answer them through the post; so perhaps you will permit me to inform them through your columns. We have joined the Lancashire League, and have thus provided a very interesting series of fixtures for our first team. We regret that we could not see our way to make application to enter the second division of the League, as we felt, after very careful deliberation, that the gates would be no better than the gates drawn with Lancashire clubs, whilst the traveling expenses would have been very high. We hope to meet some of the league clubs during the season, and already engagements have been made with some of the leading Scottish clubs for odd dates. Cup ties – English, Lancashire and Liverpool – will fill vacant spots, and altogether I think the “bill of fare” at Anfield will not disgrace the past. Our reserve team has joined the Liverpool and District League, and we rely on local following and interest to stimulate our reserves. As to players, the following have signed: – Andrew Hannah, Renton, back; Sydney Ross, Goal , Scottish League v Scottish Alliance; half backs James Kelso, John Cameron and James McBride (Renton), and F. Rogers (Liverpool); forwards, Jock Smith (Sunderland), Thomas Wyllie (Everton), John Miller (Dumbarton), Andrew Kelvin (Kilmarnock), and one or two men of less repute. In addition we shall have at least four of the best players in Scotland, with whom we are now negotiating. Our supporters may rely on it that we shall take the field with men who can and will play football and good exhibitions of the dribbling code will be seen at Anfield.

“Subscribers’ tickets will be ready in a few days at 7s, 6d, 15s and 21s, according to accommodation, and the prospects are very bright, and I anticipate a very satisfactory season on the old ground. Although we are the Liverpool club, all the old playing members of the old Everton, to whom Evertonians are much indebted for promoting the game in our midst, have been elected hon. life members. The plans for the dressing-rooms, gymnasium &c, are now under consideration, and visiting teams will be spared the trouble of dressing away from the ground, whilst our own players will not only have a club-room, but admirable dining-rooms and training quarters at the ground.

“In your next issue but one I hope to be in a position to give our friends a full list of our players for next season. The charge for admission to first team matches will be 4d, and to second team matches 3d, and only in very exceptional cases, when large guarantees are required, will 6d be charged. The ground is in better order now than it has ever been before at this season of the year, and is improving daily. We do not propose to lay the track this year, as it is too late, but a start will be made early next year.
— Yours &c., W.E. Barclay.”
(Source: Field Sport: June 20, 1892)

William Barclay, Liverpool Football Club.

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