Nottingham Forest F.C.: The annual meeting of 1892

June 29, 1892
The annual general meeting of the Nottingham Forest Football Club was held on Wednesday in Room No 75 of the Mechanics’ Hall, Nottingham. Mr. T.G. Howell presided.

Mr. Howell, in the absence of Mr. S.W. Widdowson, read the financial report, which showed on the credit side, receipts from gates, subscriptions, sports &c., £3,5597s. 1d; and from the bazaar, £800; total receipts for the year, £4,350 7s. 1d.

In payments £3,117, 13s. 5d. had been disbursed in players’ wages, visiting teams in cup-ties, travelling and hotel expenses, police, referee, trainer, &c.; £35 7s. 6d. had been spent on insurance of players; in printing, advertisement stations, &c., £174 13s. 10d. had been expended; and £128 7s. 3d. for rent of grounds, rooms, rates and taxes, &c.; for additional alterations to the new ground, law expenses and other payments, advances to players, salaries, football outfits, &c, the committee had spent £960 4s. 8d. The total expenditure thus amounting to £4,416 6s. 8d., and leaving the deficiency at £65 19s. 7d. They owed to the bank last year £269 13s. 4d., and the total deficiency amounted to £335 12s. 11d.

Against this £106 had to be placed as a set-off for the money advanced to players which had to be returned, and the total deficiency amounted to £229, or £40 better than in 1891. (Applause.) In addition Mr. Howell stated that a reserve fund of £75 had been formed to carry on the sports. Being now in the League their expenses would be increased, but their receipts they anticipated would be much larger, and that they would in a much better condition next year. Though they had a deficiency their property at least amounted to £500. (Applause.)

The auditors had not yet been through all the accounts, and therefore if they passed the balance-sheet it would be subject to the approval of those gentlemen.

The report was adopted, subject to the approval of the auditors.

The chairman said, comparing their position with that which they held two years ago, it was indeed satisfactory. They had then to make a new ground, a team, and a reputation, and he though they would admit that they had done it. (Applause.)

With regard to the future, they were in the League now, and the committee fully recognise the responsibility which devolved upon them. They must remain in the League at all costs – (“Hear, hear,” and applause.) – and with that feeling in mind they had engaged players for next season, with whom he thought the members would be satisfied.

They had lost two good players in David Russel and John McPherson, but they had secured several others, and it only remained to see whether those they had engaged would come to Nottingham, and amongst those they signed were Peter McCracken, of Sunderland Albion, a sound half-back, and James Campbell, of Kilmarnock – (applause) – who was reported to be a very clever half-back. They had also signed Tom McInnes, of the Clyde, a young player, who partner Alex “Sandy” McMahon in the match between the English and Scotch Leagues, and was reported to be a very promising forward, and McMahon, of the Celtic (Applause.)

Whether the latter would come or not remained to be seen. In addition, they had secured a centre forward to relieve Sandy Higgins. (Applause). This newcomer weighed 13st. 8lb., and stood 5ft. 11in., and was reported to be a deadly shot at goal, but he would not divulge his name.

They had also engaged Neil McCallum again (Applause.)

All last season’s players were available, and if they were able to put in the field the pick of all whom they had signed he thought they would hold a very good position in the League next season. (Applause.)

He considered the affairs of the club were in a very satisfactory state, and hoped they would be even better off next year. (Applause).

The various officers were elected.
(Source: Nottinghamshire Guardian: July 2, 1892)

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