Football League meeting (July 1, 1892)

July 1, 1892
A meeting of the League, Division 1 and 2, was held last night, at the Royal Hotel, Manchester, Mr. McGregor presiding. All the clubs were represented.

On it being announced that Stoke were unable to complete their fixtures, it was resolved that any club who had arranged Monday matches, and having vacant Saturdays, should give the Saturday for the League match in lieu of Monday.

Sunderland also arranged to play Notts County, at Nottingham, on November 26th. in lieu of November 5th.

It was decided that the old rule of the Alliance, with regard to the registration and poaching of players, be accepted as binding on those clubs of the late Alliance who are now in the League.

A draft of the standing orders was read, after which it was decided that a copy of the same be sent out to each club.

There were 70 gentlemen nominated as referees for next season.

The president (Mr. McGregor) and the chairman of each division (Messrs. Bentley and Starling) were deputed to fix the referees for every match, sending notice to the clubs when the appointments are made.
(Lancashire Evening Post: July 2, 1892)