Duncan McLean and Malcolm McVean transferred to Liverpool

July 7, 1892
The already formidable list of players engaged by the new Liverpool Football Club has just received an important accession. Duncan McLean, the late Everton full back, has been engaged as reserve back for next season, whilst Malcolm McVean, inside left wing forward of Third Lanark, has also been secured. If all the stories are true the Liverpool Association Club has risked the hostility of the Football League by meddling with the registered players of the affiliated clubs.
(Source: Edinburgh Evening News: July 7, 1892)


There has been another flourish of trumpets by the Liverpool club, for it has been duly announced Malcolm McVean, of the Third Lanark, has been engaged and also Duncan McLean, late of Everton, as reserve full back. It is rather rough on the burly Mac, and either shows that the Liverpool club have a full compliment of first class backs, or Mac’s abilities are not fully recognised.
(Source: Cricket and Football Field: July 9, 1892)


The officials of the Liverpool Association Football Club are still actively engaged in strengthening the ranks of their players and confidently anticipate being able to place a powerful team in the field on the First of September.

The latest recruits are Duncan McLean, the late Everton full back, and Malcolm McVean, one of the most brilliant of the Third Lanark forwards.

Dan Doyle, the “repented sinner” of Everton, is not yet forthcoming; in fact he opened a public house in Glasgow last Saturday, and may therefore be expected to remain in Bonnie Scotland at least another twelve months.
(Source: Field Sport: July 11, 1892)



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