On the death of one of Bootle’s best friends

July 7, 1892
Mr. J.A. Geoghegan, Coal Merchant, after a short illness. Aged 42 years.

“I feel quite sad, and know not how I feel,
Since our dear friend has left us all alone –
A sad and sorry loss – I can’t reveal
The void, as friends meet friends (their own),
And know the life and soul of all has flown.
A sterling heart, where kindness reigned supreme,
He had for all; ah! Poor, poor man;
In life’s uncertain lustre, wherefore deem
Ourselves the last to follow in the van
Of our lost fellows? For not a year ago
He whom we mourn had followed clever “Joe,”
His lesson learn (I take it as I think),
That you and I are on the grave’s sad brink.”
* Signed: J.J.; Bootle July 7, 1892.
(Source: Cricket and Football Field: July 9, 1892)