Most serious riots in Liverpool

July 11, 1892
The most serious disturbance which has yet taken place in Liverpool during the present general election occurred on Monday evening in Henry Edward Street, off Marybone, where a large number of people of the labouring classes reside.

A fracas, which evidently arose out of the discussion of political topics, occurred there shortly before nine o’clock between several persons and the row soon became a general one, the whole street in a very short space of time being packed with a howling mob. Stones were flung indiscriminately among the crowd, knives were used, and people flung missiles of every description from the windows of the houses, the police on duty being utterly powerless to cope with the disturbers.

An eye witness describes the scene as a most tumultuous one, women, as well as men, being concerned in the broil, many of whom were lying two or three deep on the ground with screaming  children in their arms. It soon became apparent that medical assistance would be required, and the horse ambulance from the Northern Hospital was telephoned for, and it quickly arrived in charge of the ambulance surgeon, Dr. Nott, but so excited was the crowd no effort was attempted to make a way for it.

One man was found on the ground bleeding from a severe fracture of the skull, while three other persons were suffering from stabs on various parts of their bodies. Some dozen others were bleeding from cuts on their heads, but were not seriously injured.

The four referred to were removed to the hospital, their names being Michael Davy (20), of 41, Henry Edward-street, dock labourer; Frank Reid (30), of 45 Henry Edward-street, coal heaver; Michael Devany (18), 45, Henry Edward-street; and Margaret Johnson (23), 60, Burlington-street. The first three were detained at the institution.

Other persons were treated at the North Dispensary for injuries received in the disturbance. The ambulance had hardly got back to the hospital before it was again called out to Rosehill bridewell, to where a man named Thomas King, residing in 1 court, 1 house, Fontenoy-street, had been taken. He was found to be suffering from a serious stab in the shoulder, and it was found necessary to remove him to the hospital.

Another serious row took place on Monday evening in Leeds-street, Vauxall-road, in which a man named Cochrane and two brothers named Handley suffered considerably. They were taken to the Northern Hospital, where it was found that the first named had marvellously escaped being killed. He had sustained a cut which extended from the ear round the cheek, and penetrated the muscles of the neck.

Earlier in the evening a fight occurred between a number of men in Henry Edward-street, and six of them were locked up all in a more or less bruised condition. Each one stated that he was going to prosecute the others for assault.

A disturbance in the neighbourhood of Lacey-street, off Great Crosshall-street, in the early hours of Tuesday morning, resulted in a woman named Mary Ann Deacon, 32 years of age, being struck on the head with a brick. She was removed to the Southern Hospital, where it was found that she had sustained serious injury.
(Lancaster Gazette: July 13, 1892)

A riot scene from 1892 (not connected to the article)

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